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Hello! My name is Lia, formerly known as embraceyourinnerblossom. In between the regular things I do, I also like to obsess over fandoms. Proud feminist. At the moment this is primarily an Avatar blog with a side of just about everything else. I am also the mod of CitizensofBerk, AstridforChief, Kataangfanart, and Kataangprompts. NO ONE has permission to repost my gifs / graphics.

Thanks to everyone who sent me prompts! I’m working on them now, and I’ll start queuing them tomorrow. Send me more?

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I finished all of my “make me choose” prompts a while ago, but I want more! Give me characters or pairings or shows or whatever and make me choose between them! You could also send me “____ + color” prompts. Just send me prompts. Please?

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Do you think Alana was getting back at Will by sleeping with Hannibal?


I just want to take a second here

because after watching the panel and listening to interviews and just observing the fandom in general, I’m left feeling incredibly annoyed with people’s reactions to Alana/Hannibal

And the problem isn’t that people don’t ship it or that some people think it’s unhealthy (because of course it is, it’s Hannibal). It’s just that people are always extremely rude to Alana when she had absolutely no way of knowing what was going on with Hannibal.

He was her colleague and friend for years, financially stable, (seemingly) emotionally stable, intelligent, handsome, and seems like everything you could want in a healthy, productive relationship. There was no evidence that he was the Ripper or that there was even anything wrong with him. Her dating him was by no means a betrayal of Will. She and Will kissed once, and she told him that she couldn’t be with him. They never even went on a date. She owed him absolutely nothing. (And yet she still took care of his dogs, visited him in the hospital, fought for him, and was all around a great freaking friend). Their relationship was even foreshadowed in the first season when Hannibal mentions that everyone thought they were having an affair and asked why they weren’t. There is literally no reason to disrespect Alana for dating him.

And honestly Caroline is my hero here because she’s gotten this question at least three times that I’ve seen, and she looks so fed up because she understands Alana and understands that the reaction is BS. So four for you, Caroline.


Hell yeah I LOVE ATLA! Wow it’s been so long since I’ve drawn any Avatar fanart. Mai was totally my girl tho! Ha that might be an unpopular opinion tho, at least it was back in middle school/high school back in the show’s hay day. 

to bring us home again


Character(s): the Gaang
Rating: K+
Pairings: Kataang
Words: 900
Prompt:  Safe
Other: Find it on FF.Net!
A/N: thanks once again to secretsecrettunnel for organizing this kataang week! in return i wrote potentially emotionally scarring fic to end this years kw off (why do i keep doing that). shout out to lia, who is getting her just desserts <33

It’s a breathless run through the thick forests of the Earth Kingdom, with her heart in her mouth and his blood on her hands – not again, please Spirits not again – her lungs heaving, screaming in agony as she presses on, following the crashing footsteps ahead of her, her stomach rolling, boiling over.

Not again, you can’t take him from me again.

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my name is lia (almost typed my last name) and this is my unconditional surrender

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prewetts asked: "I SWEASR RT O FUCK ING G OD"


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